• With professional and educational expertise in using the design cycle,

    a current understanding of technology and educational best practice, I critically

    engage students to explore and participate in their ever changing global community.

  • Grade 5 Exhibition Video

    Grade 5 Students decided to take action and produce this video for https://www.wagingpeace.org 

    Student Dress Code Design

    Created a series of posters to assist in dress code awareness.


    My professional story started animating, designing, and illustrating. However, with much passion and enthusiasm that professional stories moved on to educating. As a natural inquirer the transition has been made easier teaching in the MYP and PYP. Young minds are awesome, inspiring and great to be around. While I've always been a teacher, my journey as an educator has lead me into teaching MYP Design and Elementary Instructional Technology internationally. Coaching varsity basketball, softball, and volleyball is most likely where you'll find me after school or on weekends.


    I still keep my professional design skills sharp, not only with sketches on the white board. Occasionally I take on design projects, particularly for smaller organizations or services I believe make the world a better place, typically pro bono. So any time I have to paint a canvas, mural, or train (my Mother has never been a fan of that one) it refreshes my soul.


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  • Let me beautify it... or create it for the first time. 

    I enjoy creating fun graphics for schools and teachers. Kids enjoy it too, and I believe it can make learning more fun. Also, this is a FREE service while supplies (time) last.

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    This is probably where I should put that disclaimer that all these opinions expressed are mine and mine alone before I get myself into too much trouble.

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