My professional story started animating, designing and illustrating. However, with much passion and enthusiasm that professional stories moved on to education. Young minds are awesome, inspiring and great to be around. While I've always been a teacher, my journey as an educator has led me to teach Design and Film. Coaching varsity basketball, softball, volleyball or running a film or video crew is most likely where you'll find me after school or on weekends.


    I also still keep my professional design skills sharp, not only with sketches on the whiteboard. Occasionally I take on design projects, particularly for smaller organizations or services I believe make the world a better place, typically pro bono. So any time I have to paint a canvas, mural, or train (my Mother has never been a fan of that one) it refreshes my soul.

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    Project Invent Summer Institute This past summer I was selected and invited to attend the Project Invent summer institute as a new mentor. I spent the previous school year (2018-2019) teaching media design at Nanjing International School (NIS) and one thing I missed was stepping out of my...
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