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Project Invent Summer Institute

This past summer I was selected and invited to attend the Project Invent summer institute as a new mentor. I spent the previous school year (2018-2019) teaching media design at Nanjing International School (NIS) and one thing I missed was stepping out of my comfort zone a bit and exploring different areas of design. Being a media design teacher again has been great for me as I get to share my passion and a previous career in advertising, film and motion graphics. However, all of these areas of design I'm comfortable with and feel I know well. A few students, in their spare time, kept engaging me in conversations revolving around coding, engineering, and industrial design. All of which are areas I have interest in but not the same level of expertise. Thus, I set out to find something and stumbled across a tweet from Connie Liu the founder and director of Project Invent. This eventually led me to the Project Invent website and thinking "this sounds really cool," so naturally I applied to see what would happen and could be.

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Fast forward through the application and interview process and a few months later I was on way to San Jose for mentor training. The institute included other educators from the U.S. at a variety of schools, myself being the only international educator.

What I quickly found out is that the majority of the training would be going through the process like a student would - YES FOR HANDS-ON! Another aspect that I found interesting was the location of the training at the Bower Institute. Being able to take a walk outside over to The Tech Interactive, sometimes walking past tech conferences of the latest and greatest, was an inspiration.

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Instead of going through the day by day I thought it might be more interesting just to share my notes.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

One thing that I thought helped me reflect was the activity of creating a journey map. I felt it was a very safe way to show where I was, what I enjoyed and where I struggled. It was essentially a task to concluded each day and the training as a whole. If you look at the image it also gives you an idea of what went on each day during the training. As you can see from my journey map (pictured below) I was overall on the smiley emoji side and felt like I left with the experience and confidence to lead a Project Invent team of students this school year at NIS.

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Coming soon in the next blog post is how we assembled our team and the progress we're making. Also, if you're interested in starting a Project Invent team at your school I highly recommend checking out the free curriculum and applying to be a mentor for your next school year.